Repairs That Could Be Needed When Your Garbage Disposal Won't Work

If you use your garbage disposal every day, you might run into problems with clogs and other issues occasionally. Once your disposal is old and worn out, replacing it might be a better option than making repairs. However, if your disposal has years of life left, then calling a garbage disposal repair service is worth it. Here are some repairs your disposal might need. Restore Power To The Unit Before you call a garbage disposal repair service, make a quick check that the disposal has power. [Read More]

Troubleshooting Some Common Washing Machine Issues

As a homeowner, dealing with appliance issues comes with the territory. Unfortunately, some appliances are harder to troubleshoot than others. For example, washing machines are one of the harder appliances for homeowners to identify problems with. That's mostly because they aren't as likely to malfunction as often as other appliances because they aren't used as often in most households. Here's a look at a couple of common washing machine problems and what you should do about them. [Read More]

Has Your Fridge Lost It's Chill? 3 Repair Issues That May Be The Cause

Refrigeration is one of the most important benefits to come from the invention and use of a stable electrical power grid. In fact, it is very rare for a home to lack refrigeration today.  Like all appliances, however, a refrigerator is subject to age, misuse, and mechanical failures, all of which can create a situation where food is no longer kept at a safe temperature. If you are noticing that your perishable foods are spoiling faster than they should or noting warmer temperatures inside your refrigerator, it may be suffering from one of these common repair issues. [Read More]

3 Dishwasher Problems & What You Can Do About Them

Your dishwasher is a great appliance to have, as it can save you precious time with your family and friends, rather than washing and drying your dishes by hand. If you a dishwasher, then you already know what a convenience it is to have. Throughout the time of your dishwasher, you may encounter a problem of two. Read on for a few dishwasher problems and what you can do about them. [Read More]